Case Study: Paid Search


Increase Traffic

Kazoo was hired to promote the awareness of a new resource company and efficiently drive on-site interactions and sign-ups over a three-week time frame. Our client’s goal was to increase unique trac counts and optimize toward the increase of conversion volume.


Optimize Research

Kazoo implemented a paid search campaign, which allowed the message to reach automatic hand-raisers. We tested multiple ad groups, keywords and text ads, providing the opportunity to cast a wide net and optimize throughout the course of the campaign.


Land New Customers

Our client confirmed that thousands of conversions were generated throughout the short time frame. When reviewing daily activity, the campaign saw a downward trend when looking at cost per conversion. Both impression and click activity continued to increase. An unplanned benefit to our client was brand awareness. The company was new to the marketplace and was able to gain valuable on-site behavior insights based on the high traffic volume. This information was then used to better the overall consumer experience.