Memorable marketing in a Gen(Z)eration

Who has multiple mobile devices, five or more social platform accounts and a five-second attention span for ads? If you answered “millennials” or members of “Gen Z,” you’re correct!


Born between the mid-1990s and today, members of these two generations have grown up amidst cutting-edge technology that has resulted in a significantly decreased attention span. According to a study by comScore, the attention span for ads among millennials is a mere five seconds — that’s four seconds shorter than that of a goldfish.


In short, marketers only have a blazingly fast opportunity to catch the attention of these purchasers with deep, multimillion-dollar pockets.


How can your brand cut through the clutter and reach these younger consumers?


Here are a few ways that will help you engage with your younger audiences:

  • Meet them where they are — on their phones. Both millennials and Gen Zers grew up with cell phones and are not only accustomed to but expectant of having brands deliver a regular cadence of interesting and engaging content on their phones. It is estimated that 96% of Gen Zers own a phone. Therefore, it’s imperative for brands to deliver a seamless and strategic mobile experience.


  • Go beyond ad expectations. With user online activity being digitally tracked, consumers are used to getting continual offers and ads tailored to their digital footprint. Additionally, millennials and Gen Zers demand and look for what brands or products can do to help them. To stand out from the rest, not only must content uniquely communicate your brand, it must also communicate end value to the user — and quickly, because remember: You only have five seconds!


  • Don’t just start the conversation, keep it going. Millennials and Gen Zers have lots of opinions, and believe us, they want to share — specifically, via social media. By being a brand that keeps content fresh and relevant, as well as engaging in the conversation (comment, like, share, respond), marketers will truly connect with these two generations.


While it’s true that millennials and Gen Zers have a shorter ad attention span than goldfish, that shouldn’t get in the way of your brand connecting with their billions of dollars in disposable income. Let Kazoo aid your brand in capturing this segment through our social and mobile expertise; after all, it’s a fish-eat-fish world out there.



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