What’s New in Google Maps?

Let’s face it: We all rely on GPS to get from one place to the next at some point in our lives. Google is making a list and checking it twice to see how many times we are using our phones to navigate. Since local online searches lead 50% of users to visit offline stores, Google Maps is adding two new features:

1 Promoted Pins:

Google Maps will soon be a part of the Search Network and host Promoted Pins. These pins will allow businesses located along your route to advertise their stores by showing their logos or other promotions on your interface. The reason for these pins is to drive local foot traffic and conversions for advertisers.

2 Time Spent per Location:

Google Maps will show time spent at a specific location based on crowdsourced data. Under the Popular Times section on the Google Maps local listing page, Google will provide an estimated amount of time spent at a given location. The amount of time can be shown as a single number or a range. For example, the screen may read, “People typically spend 20 minutes here.”

The release of these new features has not been stated, but it’s safe to say they will appear before 2017.