5 Simple Steps to Put Magic in Your Monday (Without Relying on Channing Tatum)

1. It begins the night before: Start the week strong with a solid night of sleep. Choose a quote to start your Monday morning in a good mind-set. Think about this quote right before you go to sleep. The last things you think about before you go to sleep are the first things you think about when you wake up. Go to sleep with positivity and wake up with it.

2. Wake up and be still for 15 minutes: Wake up and remind yourself of the quote you chose for inspiration the night before. Listen to the stillness of your room. Drink a glass of water with fresh lemon juice to kick-start your metabolism. Throw a healthy power snack in your lunch bag for a treat throughout the day: almonds, yogurt, granola bar, fruit, etc. Refrain from checking your phone until your peaceful 15 minutes have passed.

3. Have fun even though it’s early: Build excitement on your drive to work. Play your favorite songs and get psyched for a new day.

4. Don’t let your stress take over: No matter how much you have prepared, work can sometimes still be stressful. When you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself of the little things you truly need to survive. Regain your perspective and confidence by taking deep breaths:

i. Inhale and exhale 5 times.

ii. Close your eyes.

iii. Stretch your arms up.

iv. Massage your forehead.

v. Have confidence in your abilities.

5. Smile: Even if you fake a smile, your body reacts in a positive way. Let those good endorphins release. You deserve to feel good.