A Note From the Intern’s Desk

When this experience began in May, everything was new. Escaping my comfort zone, I was excited to be immersed in the beautiful Kansas City and the never-sleeping world of advertising. Kazoo Media was exactly where I wanted to be this summer.

On my desk laid a laptop (named Bertha), two pens, one notebook, a black folder, coffee and a Post-It pad. Each item reveals a different aspect of my time at Kazoo. The laptop helped me gain crucial industry software skills and strengthen my online communication. The pens made it possible to jot down the life lessons and advice I was given. The notebook is from one of the many marketing seminars I was so fortunate to attend. Each week I was able to continue learning through various networking events, meetings or webinars. The pages of the notebook are covered with terms, account service insights, planning process steps, Google Adwords tips and so much more. The folder represents the organization skill that is expected at Kazoo. This company is fast-paced, effective and efficient for a reason. The coffee cup that sits to the right of my monitor portrays the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of the office space. The last item to talk about on my desk is the Post-It pad.

This pad, which has my daily to-do list, is perhaps the most symbolic item on my desk. Whether assembling radio buys or keeping up with various campaigns, those little pieces of paper have held more opportunities than I could have imagined. The Post-It pad showed me that by accomplishing one task at a time, I would be able to complete goals that seemed unreachable.

This position was not like any I’ve ever had before. From my desk, I could feel growth happening inside of me every day. My questions were answered, my talents were molded and my abilities were challenged. I will be forever thankful to the empowering industry leaders at Kazoo Media for widening my perspective on life.