Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

In today’s world of digital media, accountability is a currency. With so many stats available to us in real time, we can be vigilant in ensuring that campaigns deliver on our expectations. How does that translate in the world of traditional TV? For many advertisers, it doesn’t.

If you aren’t getting “post reports” on your television schedules, you could be leaving money on the table.

A post-buy analysis is a report completed monthly or quarterly by your TV buyer, which applies actual TV viewership to your original schedule estimates. This report will tell you if your purchased commercials delivered the number of eyeballs they were supposed to deliver. And get this — if they didn’t, you get FREE commercials. Your TV station partners are obligated to run additional spots until they fulfill at least the 90% industry standard of delivery (alternative delivery percentages can be negotiated depending on market and station acceptance of contract terms). The bad news is that most vendors won’t do this unless you ask them.

Not every agency or TV buyer completes this process automatically. But they should. At Kazoo, we pride ourselves on always delivering for our clients. Ensure that you are getting the full value of your media dollars — across all types of media.