What are the “kids” up to? Should I care about Snapchat?

The kids are on Snapchat. And, YES – you should care! According to eMarketer (Oct. 2017), Snapchat has more than 70 million U.S. users and has been in double-digit growth mode since its inception. Despite Instagram positioning itself to be a “Snapchat Killer,” the growth continues. Edison Research and Triton Digital show Snapchat adoption above that of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. In 2017, 35% of social media users are Snapchat users. When narrowed to daily social media users, that number rises to 52%- more than Instagram which is at 44%!

On mobile devices, growth is fast, but has dropped into single-digit rates for the basics like mobile internet and mobile social network usage. Mobile phone Instagram and Snapchat usage is increasing somewhat faster.

Today’s teens will be your customers tomorrow. For teens, Snapchat is their #1 preferred social media platform.

As of Spring 2016, Snapchat overtook Instagram at 28% of first preference selections.

Usage spikes among younger Millennials and among college students. These groups will make up a huge volume of spending power in years to come and cannot be ignored.

So, how do we play in this space? Snapchat was slow to adopt an accessible and advertiser-friendly ad platform – making it difficult for regional and local advertisers to participate. This posed a huge disadvantage when compared to apps like Instagram that have the power of a robust ad platform behind them (Instagram is owned by Facebook and operates under the same ad platform). But, over the last year, the Snapchat ad environment has opened up to all advertisers willing to pony up $50+ per day. Similarly to other social media platforms, advertisers can granularly build ad campaigns targeted down to the zip level and can tap layered demographic and psychographic targeting such as “heavy TV viewers,” “bookworms & avid readers” or “household income $100k-$250k.” The possibilities are powerful.

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