Not All Agencies Get a National Holiday

Today is the day you have all been waiting for: National Kazoo Day! Yes, that’s right — it is an actual thing (National Kazoo Day). What is your celebration plan this year? If you just shrugged, let me tell you why you should join in the party.

When Cindy Augustine founded Kazoo 13 years ago, she did so because she knew she could help businesses reach their customers and stand out from the crowd. We are named for our ability to help clients do just that.

Picture a crowded room — 100 people crammed into an enclosed space meant for 50. Each of those people is involved in an animated conversation. The collective noise is deafening. Claustrophobic and sweaty yet? Now, picture a single person standing up and playing a kazoo. That sweet little hum cuts through the noise and causes everyone to stop and take notice. Such a distinctive sound has the power to shut up the crowd. This is what Kazoo Media can help do for your business and why we adopted the kazoo as our namesake.

Now, just 364 more days until the next National Kazoo Day. What will YOU do to help your business stand out? Let us help you celebrate.