The Boys in Blue are Back!

Living in Kansas City has a lot of perks, but until recently, being able to cheer on a World Series contender was not one of them. Not only have the Royals been contenders, they brought home the crown in 2015 after a 30-year drought.

I am fairly certain most Kansas Citians are still riding high off of those memories.

Opening day has always been a big event in Kansas City, even when we didn’t have high hopes for an October finale. This year the Royals decided the festivities deserved an extended “opening day”, spread over a two-game series. Sunday we had fireworks and the raising of the championship flag. Tuesday was the ring ceremony, capped off with a fly over by our neighbor the stealth bomber.

Almost the entire Kazoo team was able to slip away for a few hours on Tuesday, sporting matching shirts made by Whiskey Design. Cotton candy, peanuts, and pizza were consumed happily on this perfect spring day. I for one do not know how some of us (I won’t name names) didn’t leave with some serious stomachaches!

It was a great day- and I can’t wait to see what these boys in blue have in store for us this year.