Today’s Lesson: Higher Education Marketing Trends

Higher education marketing is necessary to increase both enrollment and student engagement.

We Made Some Noise at the 2018 AMBIT Awards

Hard work + innovative strategies + great client = data driven results.

Funnels Are Best for Facebook

A look at why creating Facebook funnels can increase conversions and lower costs

Let’s Get Personal — About Email Marketing

The 5 key steps on the path to email marketing success

Facebook status update: The News Feed will change — again

With Facebook’s big announcement in January, it seems there is no better time for paid media and meaningful content.

The votes are in and connected TV is the winner

Viewers want entertainment and really easy access to it, which they don’t have to think about. Netflix helped drive the watch-on-your-own-time sensibility early on and consumers now want more [...]

A Few Notes on Podcast Advertising

Some people like sports. Other people love movies. Another group of people really like the history of how socks were invented. No matter what people love, there is a podcast out there just for them.