3 Fall Shows To Watch For

3 of the Most Exciting New Shows Coming This Fall

Google Marketing Live 2018 Updates

Highlights from this year's Google Marketing Live

Virtual Reality and Advertising

According to Google, global search interest on virtual reality grew 4x last year. Google states, “The promise of VR is what the industry calls “presence” — the feeling that you’re really [...]

What’s New in Google Maps?

Let’s face it: We all rely on GPS to get from one place to the next at some point in our lives. Google is making a list and checking it twice to see how many times we are using our phones to [...]

Google is Going “Mobile-First”

In May 2016, Google announced it would be adjusting its ad platforms to accommodate a mobile-first mentality. With the increased adoption of smartphones and heavy mobile consumption, this is [...]

The Dreaded “P” Word

People tell you not to talk politics with strangers. But we are all friends here, right? So: Let’s talk politics.