Should My Brand Be Discounting?

Roughly 1/3 [of shoppers] said that they look for online coupons on a weekly basis and “always” or “very often” use discounted offers when shopping online.

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

If you aren’t getting “post reports” on your television schedules, you could be leaving money on the table.

You don’t need help with your TV campaign — you need help with your video campaign

Consumers don’t watch less TV, they just watch it in more places using more devices.

Budgeting for Success (Blog Series Part 2)

If you have established what you want to accomplish for your business in the upcoming year, next you need to figure out what budget you need to set aside to hit those marks.

What Does 2017 Hold in Store? (Blog Series Part 1)

It’s time to buckle down and get to work on next year's marketing plan. The first thing you need to establish is--- what is it EXACTLY that you want to accomplish?

Blogging For Your Small Business

For some people, blogging is easy and fun and words flow onto paper smoothly, like butter. Others would rather eat tar and wait at the dentist office for four hours rather than blog. Whatever [...]

Google is Going “Mobile-First”

In May 2016, Google announced it would be adjusting its ad platforms to accommodate a mobile-first mentality. With the increased adoption of smartphones and heavy mobile consumption, this is [...]


The industry is buzzing about viewability: What is it? Why are average rates so low? How much should I care? What are the real standards? Let’s answer a couple of these BIG questions now. WHAT IS [...]

You have a pool of prospects. Now what?

Recently, our Media Director, Ashlee Smith, blogged about media mix and consumption patterns. Let’s think about how brands can continue to talk to prospects after the initial lead is counted. At [...]

5 Simple Steps to Put Magic in Your Monday (Without Relying on Channing Tatum)

1. It begins the night before: Start the week strong with a solid night of sleep. Choose a quote to start your Monday morning in a good mind-set. Think about this quote right before you go to [...]

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