Why Did You First Purchase Raisin Bran?

The real story is that, when executed wisely, all elements of your marketing / media mix should contribute to your bottom-line results.

Be a Trendsetter

Today, it's easy to fall into an advertising rut. Running the same old campaign, season after season. If you continue that trend, your brand will fall behind. Push yourself to explore the latest [...]

Are You Using Data to Improve Your Marketing Plan?

Data-driven marketing should be considered one of the most important elements when thinking about your overall approach to reaching customers.

What Is Your Plan to Win Customers This Holiday Shopping Season?

According to eMarketer, 2016 holiday gift sales are projected to hit 868 billion. You heard right — that’s "billion" with a 'B.'

Should You Ask for Online Reviews?

Everybody knows that online reviews can have a positive or negative impact on your business. 92% of consumers read online business reviews, with 33% of those doing so on a regular basis. That is [...]

Virtual Reality and Advertising

According to Google, global search interest on virtual reality grew 4x last year. Google states, “The promise of VR is what the industry calls “presence” — the feeling that you’re really [...]

What’s New in Google Maps?

Let’s face it: We all rely on GPS to get from one place to the next at some point in our lives. Google is making a list and checking it twice to see how many times we are using our phones to [...]


The industry is buzzing about viewability: What is it? Why are average rates so low? How much should I care? What are the real standards? Let’s answer a couple of these BIG questions now. WHAT IS [...]

Short Attention Span? Me? What did you say about Ryan Gosling?

Advertising tries to deal with our short attention spans

Researching the Collection of Research

I was in a meeting recently and a client asked me how a particular piece of research was acquired from those surveyed. I am always ready to quote my sources, but this question gave me pause, [...]

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